Old Bond Street office block


Occasionally, we are instructed by other building surveying firms, where our breadth of services can fill in the gaps of their own offering. This was a case in point, where they required rope access technicians to inspect areas of the façade of this seven-storey office building where damp was penetrating the exterior and affecting the internals. It was not clear to them if the damp was ingressing from around the windows or through the walls.

We carried out a full inspection from ropes, safely descending the flat roof using a mobile weight system. We inspected close up the glazed brickwork that covered the exterior of the building and water tested thoroughly. We ascertained that there leaks both under a window cill and failed pointing between the glazed bricks. 

We organised the necessary repairs to the cill and ensured the pointing was matched precisely using kiln-dried sand and white cement. This was visible from the ground so the standard of work needed to be of high quality. 

The surveyors and their client are pleased with the result – not least as the inspection and repairs could be effected without the erection of scaffolding. 

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