Kean Street, Covent Garden


Our client is a resident management company (RMC), looked after by a managing agent. We were instructed to inspect their ‘Sarna’ roof. (Sika Sarnafil is a leading manufacturer of single ply roofing membranes for flat roof waterproofing). 

A contractor had cut into the Sarna roof and damaged the mansafe system which is present to allow safe access to the roof area to carry out repairs and window cleaning. The mansafe has been condemned as a result. 

We carried out a roof inspection using the necessary safety equipment. Our report recommended repairs to the roofing membranes for which we organised with Sika Sarnafil. See images. 

We also worked with Sarnafil on repairs to a ventilation pipe on the same roof, as the photos illustrate.

This was a great example of making best use of the time at height. On our inspection, we inspected the gutters at high level, found blockages which we cleared, and gave them a clean bill of health. We noticed large flowerpots sitting on a parapet wall which was a clear health and safety hazard. We notified the managing agent immediately and they contacted the leaseholder who made arrangements to have them moved to a safer location!

We had also noticed that the window cleaners (abseilers) had caused friction burns to the edge of the roof. Many are unaware just how hot the ropes can get but we see it regularly. We arranged for Sika Sarnafil to make the necessary repairs here too. 

The RMC has been left with a repaired roof, a mansafe system back in operation, repairs ventilation pipe, clear gutters and relocated giant plant pots!

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