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Specialising in Rope Access Surveys and Safety Testing since 2003.

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Rope Access Surveys

Our Rope Access Surveys and Inspections are quick, cost-effective and invaluable in accessing elevated and difficult to reach areas of your property. Reactive or proactive, we’ll help you prioritise the maintenance needs across your portfolio.

Roof Safety Testing

Only the most stringent safety standards are followed in ensuring your mansafes and fall arrest systems are in perfect working order, whether eyebolts, guardrails, flat roof safety lines or ladders. Adhering to the latest British Standards, we will ensure your contractors can work at height, with total peace of mind.

Specialists in Rope Access Surveying services

Our rope access technicians operate to the company policy of ‘minimal disturbance’ in order to be sensitive to the needs of residents and tenants.

We visit when it’s convenient for you and your customers, and we will communicate effectively before, during and after our inspections.

About us

Rope access is an efficient and economical way to get ‘hands on’ access to roofs, façades and other hard-to-reach parts of your clients’ buildings, so rather than outsourcing the work, we have brought it in house, as part of the EK Group.

Having worked with leading rope access specialist Jason Clohessy for many years, we have joined forces to form EK Rope Access Surveys, to offer inspections, surveys, testing and certification to our managing agent and facilities management client base.

“As building surveyors, we are known for our wish to ensure close examination of our clients’ properties, to come to a full understanding of their condition and provide practical, cost-effective and long-lasting maintenance advice. Rope Access ensures a close-up, tactile approach, meaning our technicians can prod and poke as well as visually assess. Testing and certification of mansafes completes our specialist offering.”

Julian Davies,

The Core Team

Jason Clohessy


Julian Davies


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